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Rainbow Eyes
  • I hate it when someone stopped talking to you. After talking to them for a week, months, years, after knowing them for so long. And after getting attached with them, then it will suddenly stop. They'll stop talking to you without any warn. You'll feel empty like something is missing. And you keep on wondering why. Why it ended.
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Q: Hiii! 9, 10 :)

Helloo:) the song that makes me always happy is Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zerosand the onethat always makes my sad is Asleep by the Smiths <3 

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Q: 1.

Well I like..

  1. Rain
  2. Late night talks
  3. Full moon
  4. Open minded people
  5. Nature
  6. Summer vacations
  7. Good music
  8. Animals
  9. Fiction Books
  10. Nice Movies
  11. Food ;)
  12. Your blog 

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Send Me A Number/Asks for prospective friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/love interests/stalkers
  • 1: List things that you like
  • 2: What position do you sleep in?
  • 3: What helps you sleep?
  • 4: List things that make you happy
  • 5: Triggers that I should be careful of?
  • 6: Worst style of music?
  • 7: Best style of music?
  • 8: Favorite band
  • 9: Song that makes you happy always
  • 10: Song that makes you sad always
  • 11: Your favorite foods.
  • 12: Allergies
  • 13: Foods that you just really don't like
  • 14: Your favorite: Vans, Converse, Docs or other (specify)
  • 15: Do you like long socks?
  • 16: Your birth date
  • 17: What you like to do on your birthday
  • 18: Things that make you unhappy/that you don't like
  • 19: Your favorite flowers (^.^)
  • 20: Dangerous things that have happened to you
  • 21: Talk about little memories: things you did when you were a kid, things you remember enjoying, your saddest memory, little things you did that weren't really a big part of your life but that happened regularly.
  • 22: Talk about the most life changing memory you can think of (if you're comfortable)
  • 23: Do you smoke?
  • 24: Do you like smoking or not?
  • 25: What do you find attractive in anyone?
  • 26: Where you'd like to live in the next five years and who you'd like to be living with.
  • 27: Your dream profession/something you've been inspired to do
  • 28: Favorite/special place to be.
  • 29: If you have anxiety or depression or any other disorder, what can I do to make you feel better if you're in a bad place or are having an attack or just generally make life easier for you?
  • 30: Cute things
  • 31: Your interests and hobbies and everything in between
  • 32: Things you get really passionate about like series or art or places or travelling or food or smells or anything really.
  • 33: Do you believe in ghost?
  • 34: Do you believe in magic?
  • 35: What's your favorite sweet/candy?
  • 36: Color of your socks.
  • 37: Things that annoy you.
  • 38: Stupid (or not stupid) habits that you have.
  • 40: Your height?
  • 41: Your sexuality?
  • 42: What's your favorite type of weather?
  • 43: What do you do when it's your favorite type of weather?
  • 44: What's your least favorite type of weather (the one you can't stand)?
  • 45: What do you do when it's your least favorite type of weather?
  • 46: Do you have any piercings?
  • 47: Do you want any piercings?
  • 48: Butter, Plain, Salted, or other (specify) on your popcorn?
  • 49: Favorite non alcoholic beverage?
  • 50: Favorite alcoholic beverage?
  • 51: Things you've done that you weren't supposed to.
  • 52: Things you've done in revenge
  • 53: Things you've done because you thought it was the right thing to do despite what others may have said?
  • 54: What kinds of films do you enjoy?
  • 55: Who is your favorite actor?
  • 56: Nighttime, daytime, morning or twilight?
  • 57: Forests, country, city or seaside?
  • 58: What do you do that's kinda unconventional but that you like?
  • 59: Would you ever go vegetarian?
  • 60: Left handed or right handed?
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